The Power to Train Workshop

This workshop is available in-house by request for groups or 10 or more.

Public workshops are held at main centres around Australia and New Zealand.


About the Workshop:


This powerful two day Advanced Presentation Skills highly interactive workshop explores the fundamentals of high impact teaching and training techniques using the latest research in group dynamics, presentation styles and brain-based concepts.

Who should attend?  Trainers , Facilitators & Presenters

Rich focuses on teaching skills and techniques which are simple and practical so that you can use them immediately in your own presentations, seminars and workshops.

As a result of using Rich's techniques your participants will learn faster and remember more. Key components of the methodology include high levels of humour, energy and participant interaction.

You will learn:

  • Have your group at optimum learning while adapting the presentation to meet their needs

  • Utilizing music effectively in the training environment for interest, learning and memory

  • Giving clear directions - the key to developing an interactive learning environment

  • Making learning easy through brain-based memory techniques

  • Helping participants develop a successful attitude towards learning

  • Framing activities and sessions so participants see the value in new material

  • Phrasing questions in the ‘Open’ to increase responses and interaction

  • Understanding and using state management techniques to keep participants awake and fully engaged.


Afterwards you will:

  • Be confident at the front of the room and easily build rapport with participants

  • Quickly ensure all participants are in a listening /learning mode

  • Energise participants and maintain their attention

  • Save yourself time and energy by giving instructions that participants follow easily

  • Increase the recall of your learners

  • Communicate key ideas more efficiently

  • Enjoy your role more as your training effectiveness increases


Participants can expect to be physically engaged, mentally challenged and thoroughly entertained. This is training at its best. 

All participants receive unlimited learning opportunities and a copy of Humane Presentations book & a selection of Rich’s cartoons & access to extra tools for your training/presenting kit!


Registrations: There are two types of registration - for first time attendees the 'front of the room' experience enables participants to learn by participation.

Back of Room Attendees

For all Rich Allen graduates, this is a chance to look underneath what Rich does and why he does it. Instead of participating, you get to observe from the back of the room. This allows you to analyse what Rich does, his techniques, the language, the music to mention a few.

In addition, Rich will spend some time with you at breaks, debriefing what he has done and highlighting a technique he is going to use. These spaces are limited per workshop to ensure individual attention from Rich.


For the calendar of Workshops - see the Greenlight homepage. For in-house workshops contact us.

Workshops are managed by Just Right Events Ltd on behalf of Dr Rich Allen. Just Right Events Ltd is based in Auckland, NZ. Address P.O Box 1562 Auckland 1140. Mobile: +64 12 278 8511.