From Teachers, USA  


Thank you! Hello Dr. Allen, Thank you for all of the great ideas you shared during the session this morning. I learned so much! I am hooked on creative teaching strategies and teaching through movement. Amazing!!!! I look forward to attending another one of your workshops soon. Take care, Felicia Kucera 


Thank you! Dear Dr. Rich Allen, Thank you so much for your wonderful conference! It was so exciting and now I can't wait to back to school tomorrow to help my student move and learn at the same time. This is exactly what I have been looking for!! Your conference was engaging and exciting and I didn't want it to end. That is what I want for my students. Thanks again. Cori Reed 2nd Grade Teacher Keith Elementary (C

Great ideas for stimulating engagement. -  I could listen to Rich Allen over and over and continue to learn!  Thank you! Amazing!! Great presentation and info. - Fun, energetic and informative.  A great speaker!  Thank you! -  Outstanding! -  Great information and lots of fun! Wonderful ideas to use in the classroom that impact kids! -  Thank you -  Great session! Great ideas to use tomorrow for impactful teaching. -  Fantastic presentation.  Enjoyed all of it. -  Best I've seen.


" I have spent 28 years being bored out of my mind at inservice presentations. I was prepared to spend another day in educational hell. Your presentation was the BEST thing I have ever heard. The time flew by. I LOVED everything you shared and am using ALL of it. It was great to see a faculty..... loosen up and actually enjoy themselves and laugh. Great job, sir. I am a huge fan. You are excellent."

From Teachers Australia.

Fantabulous! I think Rich has a great gift and energy for providing teachers with useful tools for engagement. I have left yesterday feeling refreshed and reinvigorated by what he shared ( if not a little vindicated). I look forward to striving to incorporate more of Rich's suggestions hot damn he is good. - Paul A

Personally it is obvious that Rich is an amazing educator. The fact he had 50 adults engaged in learning proves that his techniques would work in almost all classroom situations. He was entertaining, made some really interesting points and gave us all some great teaching strategies. I particularly liked how he encouraged movement and talking - I too don't like to have a quiet and silent class which tends to be boring for me. I loved it! - Daniela

As a beginning teacher I found yesterday one of the most useful presentations I think I've ever been involved in! Period 1 my students walked in to B5's 'Let's Groove Tonight'. I dropped the Beach Boys' 'Barbera Anne' in for a quick muddle and then attention grabber. Later on, when I wanted them placid, they entered to 'Oh Happy Day' from Sister Act 2. I taught Year 10 the Memory Pegs, much to their entertainment.. but it kinda worked! Tell him it was awesome! - Dave L

I thought all staff really enjoyed the day, and left the hall feeling positive, both about their own potential for effective teaching and the information they had acquired. Rich was an amusing, engaging and erudite communicator, who caught the measure of his audience early and delivered his message in an entertaining fashion. We have purchased all of his books - Judith R

He rocked ... literally and figuratively. It was great to combine learning and laughing, there was a lot of both. I generally think that a PD experience is good if I can take one thing from it; yesterday I got a great deal more than one thing. When you combine that with the other things we did on student engagement earlier in the year. there are so many fun and simple things we all an do to make our work more enjoyable. When the boys see us having a good time in class, they naturally want to be a part of it. Thanks again. - Paul S

From Trainers, NZ


This was the best workshop I have ever attended. Most workshops that I thought were good before pale in comparison. I thought it was a good workshop if I only had a few moments where my attention waned – however with this workshop, there was not a single moment like that

Initially I wasn't too excited at coming to this course as I thought there would potentially be a lot of getting up in front of the class and doing wacky outside the box things which I'm not totally comfortable with. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Rich promotes a feeling of ease and got us simply to share our thoughts in small groups.

Absolutely loved the Back of the Room experience, as it was great to view Rich using the tools that he then goes on to dissect later. Also really good that we were able to liaise with Rich during the course, with any questions that we may have with any technique he was going to demonstrate.


From Trainers, Australia

This was probably one of the best courses that I have done so far!

The course was excellent as it demonstrated the effect of different changes for teaching and training and then explained the reasons why.

Fast paced, high energy learning. Looking forward to the challenge of change at our organisation.

It was great to see examples of the concepts and skills in practice while learning them, and then to be able to reflect on how they worked with our own group.

The course was excellent, Rich's years of experience, energy and enjoyment showed through on both days, I have never had such a great experience on a course as this one, thank you!

I really valued the open, non-threatening and fun space that Rich nurtured. This was a fantastic workshop, thank you.

Thanks for the follow up, the course was fantastic and we are so excited to implement some of Rich's approaches back at work.

​​"Our state meeting in September was absolutely buzzing after Rich's interactive sessions on audience learning and engagement. He was our feature speaker on the night and delivered great insight in a very practical way - feedback from our members has been incredible. Not only that, he arrived early on the night and assisted less experienced members with their pre-session activities, which increased the value of those sessions by 200%. It's great working with personable and professional presenters like Rich." -Phil Preston, Sydney, Australian Speakers Association.