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Learn high impact teaching strategies

Based on his research into brain-based learning and a 25 year career in education, Rich has developed new teaching strategies that make academic content relevant, interesting and highly memorable. He calls these techniques 'Green Light' strategies; simply meaning that they offer a different approach from traditional 'chalk and talk' methodologies.


Used by teachers throughout the world, his strategies are proven to: lift academic results, improve classroom discipline, and foster creativity. They are particularly effective for today's students - increasingly influenced by massive stimulation from their contact with the online world - who often disengage in a traditional classroom environment.


Rich's highly interactive Green Light workshops model his strategies. Teachers find them valuable, inspirational and enjoyable.


Who should attend?


  • Experienced teachers who want to be re-inspired and learn something new

  • New teachers looking for practical tools and more effective teaching strategies

  • Staff developers who want a bag of new ideas

  • University lecturers who want to wake up their students

  • Principals seeking a benchmark for teaching excellence

  • Anyone who gives instruction to kids or young adults



Green Light workshops use demonstration lessons and real life examples to show teachers how to engage, involve, and activate even the most reluctant learner. Teachers leave with a host of new ideas they can start using immediately. Faculties pressed for time can choose modules from the workshops in 2 or 3 hour segments. They can also run Impact Teaching 1 and 2 as a two day course.


Coaching/Classroom observation
Rich often combines in-service school visits with classroom observations and individual coaching. Contact him for further details.


Rich's books available for all teaching levels

The Rock 'n' Roll Classroom
High-Five Teaching book
Humne Teaching
Sparking Student Synapses 9-12
U Turn Teaching
High Impact Teaching Strategies