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Complimentary Teaching Resources


We love giving you great resources to use in your classrooms.  You are welcome to use these for your own use and if you reproduce any or all of the material please we just ask you respect the source with a credit to Dr Rich Allen.



Free CD download

You may not know this but, in his spare time, Rich is a musician and song writer. His most recent musical project is an album called 'When It Rains', which he wrote for his step-daughter, Pippa - a talented young singer.


The finished album, which includes 3 tracks produced by New Zealand's favourite singer/songwriter Greg Johnson, has just been released. 


If you're interested, you can listen to all the tracks and download them FREE from this web site:  www.whenitrains.co  

Rich and Pip would love to hear your feedback just contact them below.

Podcast  - Rich explains why the meaning of your communication is NOT what you said, but the response you get  and why presenters need to ‘teach people, not content’

The Gem Story

Founded by Dr. Rich Allen, Green Light Education applies the latest theories in accelerated learning, educational psychology and brain-based teaching to help educators and executives teach, communicate, motivate and facilitate more effectively