Energize your conference

Rich is a popular speaker at international education and business conferences, applying brain science to help people communicate, facilitate and teach more effectively. His interactive keynote sessions combine humor, music and storytelling with practical ideas that change people's lives. His entertaining delivery and valuable insights elicit regular standing ovations.



A former math and drama high school teacher, Rich has three decades of experience supporting staff development in education. Popular speaking topics include:


  • The Rock And Roll Classroom: Using music to underscore learning

  • Igniting The Flame: Unleashing students' passion for learning

  • Sticky Learning: Making material memorable

  • Competing With Computers: Why won't cyber kids pay attention?

  • A is for Attitude: The foundation for successful learning

  • Green Light Classrooms: Proven interactive lessons from around the world



Rich explains the implications of the latest cognitive theories on communicating, selling, motivating and influencing in the business world. Commonly requested keynotes include:


  • HumanE Presenting: Using brain science to engage corporate audiences

  • Communicate With Clarity: Why traditional corporate presentations don't work

  • Stand Out From The Crowd: Memorable sales pitches

  • Unleash The Corporate Mind: Facilitating meetings to maximize brain power

  • This Is It! Life is not a dress rehearsal


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