Corporate Coaching

Empower your enterprise with brain-based skills

Accelerate corporate learning

Maximize your investment in corporate training by making sure participants have the greatest opportunity to understand and recall new information. Based on brain-based research, Rich's Impact Training strategies offer a new paradigm in corporate education, accelerating learning with strategies that engage participants with training course content, embed strong memories and trigger recall to prompt behavioural change.



The Power to Train Workshop


A 2-day introduction to brain-based training and presenting customised for your organisation. Rich also runs public workshops for organisation ideal if you have small training departments.


Individual Coaching


Rich offers personal coaching through observing your training sessions and identifying opportunities to develop both more effective presentation skills and more interactive and memorable content.


Develop powerful presentation skills

Traditional corporate presentations aren't designed for the way the human brain works. Rich's presentation strategies ensure your employees, clients and stakeholders both enjoy and remember your presentations, by creating the optimum conditions for the brain to process, analyse and recall information.


HumanE Presentations - Executive presentation skills masterclass. Strategies for Delivering Effective and Engaging Presentations


Rather than relying on ice-breakers and showmanship in your presentations, this workshop helps you understand the subtle environmental, psychological and physiological factors that make human beings pay attention, think about and remember information. Drawing from the scientifically proven premise that we cannot take in new information if bored, distracted or uncomfortable, Rich offers nine practical strategies to get audiences to engage with presentation content. This 'Humane' approach will change your presenting life - making you more confident and effective - and your audiences highly appreciative. Help make dull and painful presentations relics of the past by using Humane techniques to deliver content your audience will understand, think about and remember.






Strategies for Delivering Effective and Engaging Presentations